First Date: Men's Ultimate Dating Tips for 2017

Millennials may have a different perspective when it comes to dating, as dating applications are now in-demand, wherein a date can be set online as well. Even though that's the case, there are still similarities between old and new approaches of dating, which we will be discussing today.

1. Prepare to make your first date a lasting impression. Take a bath, shave, use aftershave lotion, bear oil, put on perfume and any men's grooming ritual to create a positive impression. Wear comfortable clothes that will also make you look good and appealing. You will need confidence so be sure to check out the hypnotica collection of confidence online. 

2. Be yourself and be confident being you. Girls can sense pretentions quite easily as they are intuitive creatures. So just be confident in how you look and be comfortable with yourself.

3. Be a gentleman. Being a real gentleman means not only assisting your girl to sit or to cross the street, but it also shows when you present yourself paying your first date, and respecting if she insists doing so on your succeeding dates.

4. Avoid opening topics such as your ex-girlfriends misadventures or qualities, and so as you will not hear the same irritating stories on your first date. Instead, get to know her better and do a careful analysis if you will both will make a good relationship in the future. Take it gradually and smoothly.

5. Don't rush talking. Take time to pause and don't over talk nor interrupt her while she is sharing a story or her point of view. Your first date must be simple and sweet, not complicated or stressful.

6. Avoid distractions. It is best to turn off your phone or if you really need your phone turned on, at least put it on silent mode. Do not set your date in a common place where you would likely see your mates as it will really be a major cause of distraction.

7. Make it fun and interesting. Girls don't want t boring guy. So treat her as a friend more than anything, bring out your wacky side and you'll be surprised how much she'll enjoy it. But be careful over doing it though as there is still a thin line between friendship and real dating.

8. Follow-up with her in a correct and courteous manner. If you don't find her interesting, then don't promise you'll call her or a second date. You can simply say, "I had a great time tonight. Nice meeting you!". At least she would not expect anything from you in return. Visit to get started. 

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